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"The IRS requires a withholding tax be deducted on the US source income of foreign nationals and business entities. In most cases, due to international tax treaties, this tax can be eliminated or reduced; resulting in a complete or partial refund of the original tax withheld"

For most foreign nationals investing in real estate in the United States or receiving investment income or royalties from the US the high withholding tax rates can be quite a shock. What most non-residents do not know is that in almost all cases substantial refunds of this tax are allowed through the use of tax treaties. For foreigners USA income tax appears to be quite complicated. It becomes even more confusing when you have to fill out a form for tax. Forms which do not have names, but numbers – Form 8843, 1040NR-EZ, 1040, W-7, 1120-F-US and so on. With so many forms to complete and options to choose from, filing tax can easily overwhelm anyone. Whether you are an investor owning and renting US property, a person earning royalty income from a US company, or a US citizen living in another country, you are required to file at least one tax form each year. When you fill out the form on your own without any assistance, you're bound to make mistakes. You may have had more withholding tax deducted than was allowed by the tax treaty between your country and the USA. In such a scenario, it becomes your right to ask for a USA tax refund.

Most foreign persons assume that they should hire an American tax preparer. What they do not realize is that almost all US based tax preparers have very, very little experience in dealing with taxpayers that are neither US citizens or residents of the USA. Even US tax accountants outside the USA usually prepare US expatriate tax returns for US citizens. fills this void in US tax return services. We specialize in the returns of non-residents of the USA that are not US citizens. We understand the different tax treaties that will enable you to get your US tax back. 

We are one of a select group of IRS approved Certifying Acceptance Agents specialized in International US tax recoveries and compliance reporting. Our services are simple, easy and risk free.

So what are you waiting for? Timely submission of the form can also save you from penalties!


If you are due a tax refund and we can not recover your US tax refund we don't charge a fee.



If you are a non-resident of the United States and have had US withholding tax deducted on income received then you are likely owed a tax refund due to tax treaties between your country and the USA. Recovering the US withholding tax that you have paid can be quite difficult. In fact 60% of Americans pay someone else to file their tax returns. Dealing with the IRS can be frustrating and time consuming for an American so you can imagine what it is like for a foreign national.

If you are an investor in real estate or a US citizen living in another country you have certain tax filing requirements that must be met. Don't wait until the IRS contact you!

We are one of a select group of IRS approved Certifying Acceptance Agents that specialize in International US tax recoveries and tax compliance reporting. We can get you an Individual Taxpayer Identification number and recover your US withholding tax or file the required US tax returns to meet your tax compliance requirements.